The Finance Department, supervised by Finance Director/City Clerk Doug Kaercher, is responsible for various functions and includes the following positions:

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer

Billing Clerk
Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk

The Finance Director/City Clerk administers, coordinates, supervises and controls all financial and accounting activities for the City, and files and maintains the City’s records.


All money received from such sources as property taxes, special assessments, City court fines, water and sewer bills and ambulance service is receipted and deposited by this Department.  The Finance Director/City Clerk invests this money according to policy set by the City Council and manages the City’s debt.

This position maintains control of and supervises the preparation of the annual budget and prepares the annual report, which is audited by an independent auditor whose report is available for public inspection.  Beginning with the audit report for fiscal year 1999, the City of Havre has received an unqualified opinion, the best opinion that can be obtained, on its financial statements.

Our office is responsible for payroll, insurance, fixed asset inventory, beverage licenses, leases, airport rental, water and sewer billing and accounts payable.